Thursday, February 19, 2015

In Love And Memory Of Shirley Mae Beaver

My heart is breaking to hear of all the people that have passed away there are so many people. But a good thing is as far as I know there were all Saved!! I loss my Nana When I was away and there were people that pass away down there and here. Just within the pass few week my adopted Daddy and Uncle loss their Aunt. Frances and two of their friends that was like family to them. As this is all happing I am just thinking it is getting closer for the Lord to come back and get us.  I know it gets hard but if their asked the Lord to save them there are in a much better place. No more suffering or pain! Thanks God! They are up in Heaven having a good time!

My Nana Shirley Mae Beaver went home to be with Jesus on 12/10/14 She is gonna be miss I remember when I was little we did stuff together but for a long time I really had nothing to do with her I seen her here and there but that was it until about 3 month before she passed we went to see her a few time. She will be missed!

Here is the link to her Obituary

May God give comfort, strength, and put His loving arms around all of you.
I hope everyone has a blessed day!!!
God bless!!
Don't Quit!!!!

Catherine K

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

And just to be funny!

I hope everyone had a blessed day!
 God bless!
Don't quit on the Lord!!!
Love in Christ!
Catherine K

Saturday, January 10, 2015

My Birthday 2014 I forgot all about posting this!!

God bless!
Catherine K

Any questions??

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God bless!
Catherine K

Happy Belated Birthday to my Uncle.Ricky!!!

December 30th was my Adopted Uncles birthday! The Lord has blessed me with him and I am so thankful for him!! I feel so blessed to call him my Uncle!!! I am glad I got to spend time with Him when I was down in TN this last time!! I am so lucky to have him as my Uncle!!

 I hope you had a great day! I love ya Uncle an Miss ya!!

God bless!
Don't quit on the Lord!!
Love your adopted Niece!
Catherine K